Living in A New One-World Society, riding on a ‘Global Blockchain of Consensus-Decision-Making’.

* OK, we know that we are running out of life-support resources, and our numbers have to be slashed.

‘The Blockchain system of Global-Consensus-Decision-Making’ changes everything!

What is global consensus decision making?

Global consensus decision making is a creative and dynamic way of reaching agreement between maximum majorities of adult citizens of Humanity. Instead of simply voting for an item and having the majority of the group getting their way, a group using consensus is committed to finding solutions that everyone actively supports, or at least can live with. This ensures that all opinions, ideas and concerns are taken into account. Through listening closely to each other, the group aims to come up with proposals that work for everyone.

By definition, in consensus no decision is made against the will of an individual or a minority. If significant concerns remain unresolved, a proposal can be blocked and prevented from going ahead. This means that finding solutions that address everyone’s concerns rather than ignoring or overruling minority conditions.

Consensus is used widely by people around the world working towards a more just and equitable society: from small voluntary groups, co-operatives and campaign networks to businesses, local communities and, in some cultures, across much wider regions. The exact process may differ depending on the size of the group and other factors, but the basic principle of co-operation between equals remains the same.

Why use Consensus?

Many of us experience very little control over our lives in the wider world, with decisions being made for us by managers, benefits agencies, the police, politicians. The rewards this system promises are mostly about mobility within the hierarchy: getting a promotion, buying status by owning different stuff. And we’re encouraged to compete with each other and scapegoat whoever is beneath us in the pile, instead of questioning why there isn’t enough to go round in the first place.

Using consensus gives us a taste of how things could be done differently. It aims to dismantle all kind of hierarchy, and replace it with shared power. It is based on the values of equality, freedom, co-operation and respect for everyone’s needs.

Sharing power

Consensus enables us to take collective control over the decisions that affect us. At its heart is a respectful dialogue between equals, with people working together to meet everyone’s needs. From the individual’s perspective this means having as much control as possible over decisions that affect you, without having undue control over everyone else. Consensus means working with each other rather than for or against each other.

Re-Building communities

Consensus decisions aim to meet everyone’s most important needs and find a balance between what different people want. In an effective consensus group, everyone knows they can be honest about what they want, and trust they will be taken seriously. This in turn means getting to know each other as people, and building open and respectful relationships that are the building blocks of genuine community.

Making wise decisions

Consensus involves looking for ‘win-win’ solutions that are acceptable to all. It is neither compromise nor unanimity – it aims to go further by weaving together everyone’s best ideas and key concerns – a process that often results in surprising and creative solutions, inspiring both the individual and the group as whole.
Getting things done peacefully and easily

Protecting everyone’s needs

In consensus, anyone can ‘block’ a proposal – and prevent it from going ahead – by not giving their consent. This option should never be used lightly, because it takes away the freedom of others to do what they want. However it provides a safety net for situations where a proposal would seriously hurt the group or people in it. Many groups very rarely use the block, but the fact that it is there means everyone knows from the outset that minority opinions cannot just be ignored, but solutions will have to be found to deal with all significant concerns.

Consensus and social justice

Consensus is about more than the relationships you build, and the decisions you make within your own group. It also offers a part of the tool kit for a radically different way of organising society.

What’s wrong with ‘democracy’ ?

Compare the values above to the ones that rule the world we live in. The western-style system of voting for representatives presents itself as the highest form of democracy. Yet in the very nations which shout loudest about the virtues of democracy, many people don’t even bother to vote any more; whoever they vote for, decisions are made by an elite of powerful politicians and business people whose interests are completely different from the people they are supposed to represent. And not only do those politicians make laws for us without consulting us – they have the backing of the police, the prison system and the military to make sure we abide by their laws. Being allowed to vote 20 times in a lifetime for an MP or other political representatives is a poor substitute for having the power ourselves to make the decisions that affect every aspect of our lives.

As most institutions and work places are entirely hierarchical – students and employees don’t usually get a chance to vote their superiors into office or have any decision-making power in the places where they spend the greatest part of their lives. Or consider the supermarket chain muscling its way into a town against the will of local people.

Most areas of our society are ruled by power, status and money, not through democracy.

Another world is possible

The people in power would have us believe that this system is natural and inevitable. However, humanity is capable of organising itself in many different ways. Better alternatives to the current system are already here, growing in the gaps between the paving stones of state authority and corporate control. These seedlings of a fairer society give us a taste of just how different things could be. Homeless people occupying empty houses and turning them into collective homes, workers buying out the businesses they work for and running them on equitable terms, gardening groups growing vegetables collectively – once we start looking there are hundreds of examples of co-operative organising that we encounter in our daily lives.

Many of the people struggling for social justice have recognised that changing the way we make decisions is key to achieving equality and freedom. A just society is one that manages to balance the needs and desires of every individual with those of the closer community and the wider world. These are precisely the aims of consensus. When we use consensus in our groups we are practising the skills and attitudes we need to organise society in more equal ways. And more than that! Those groups could be the building blocks of something much bigger. Consensus has the potential to be used by every global communities.

Challenges of doing consensus in a corrupted world environment

Most of us live in societies that are profoundly unequal, and these inequalities are often reflected inside our groups too – making it much harder to genuinely live by values of respect, equality, freedom and co-operation. We often bring the attitudes of wider society into the room with us and this can really limit the equality and freedom of individuals within our consensus groups. Making decisions that are truly consensual requires us to unlearn the beliefs we were taught by an exploitative society, and instead learn more respectful and co-operative behaviours.

Human potential to come up with creative, win-win-by-mutual-consent solutions is often severely limited by the options available. Adopting consensus doesn’t remove constraints like unjust economics and laws. For example, a group of people could try to take more control over their lives by deciding to get a house together, and make decisions about how they live by consensus. Even if they managed to make their internal decisions as equals, an unjust society still limits what decisions they are able to make.

Lesson earned by harm done! …… “DON’T FEED THE DEVIL!”

It has been academically verified as the greatest monumental lesson in the progress of Humanity’s journey through time. Ego’s self-devouring appetite for control and destruction has left deep wounds in Earth’s surface, poisoned natural environments and destroyed countless millions of consumer lives during its reign over Earth. But its not over until it runs out of food, and because we are its food, we can prevent further devastation simply by being aware of the real workings of Corporate-Ego’s delusional attraction to possession and power over others., and redirecting our energies into a crystal clear life-support system which caters for natural health and happiness. The decision to celebrate the wake of Capitalism and other harmful man-made systems is now in the hands of trauma and grief affected majorities who have become aware of HOW the limitless power of Ego always delivers the exact results of what has been requested or programmed into the sub-conscious mind.

Humanity’s transition to to the warmth and security of united awakened awareness is being delivered through an individualised census of intent attached to an open option of consensus decision making on Global Human Affairs.


The scientific community, especially the medical establishment, has been proving for over 50 years that the mind can be programmed to change the emotional circumstances of consciousness and the body. It is called The Placebo Psychosomatic Effect! –


“You may already know that whatever controls your Unconscious Intent Programs controls the conscious quality of your mental and physical health!”

The definition of the placebo effect is a beneficial or detrimental effect, produced by a placebo drug or treatment that cannot be attributed to the properties of the placebo itself, and must responsibly be due to the patient’s belief in that treatment It is interesting to note that the placebo effect is often considered to be the thorn in the side of medical researchers, desperately hoping to prove the effectiveness of a particular drug or treatment – especially for those researchers receiving millions of dollars in grant money to ordain such proofs. How can they miss the apparent reason for a celebration of the placebo effect and see it as a call for re-direction of their research? Should they not be asking themselves, “What are the implications of the placebo effect, and thus the implications of the power of belief and the human body and mind when someone believes in something enough that it has a related effect?” Imagine what mass mind-control means to anyone’s sense of personal identity or the validity of any ‘Democracy System’.

More than half a century ago, at the dawn of the nuclear age, Albert Einstein suggested that we would require a new manner of meaningful thinking if humankind were to survive. Now, most of Humanity is well aware that radical changes to population management systems and people-farming practices must be implemented. People thrive when they don’t feel mentally or physically threatened by anything.


Not only must we allow ourselves to begin using a new manner of thinking about this critically important global issue, but we must also deliberately enforce remedial action now, so that Einstein’s prescient and legitimate concerns about human survival into the 21st century and beyond may be addressed as rapidly, adequately, and humanely as possible.

The following story is a typical example of what is happening to people’s personal awareness of a common global phenomenon.


“Many moons ago, I realised that a seriously dangerous global phenomenon often referred to as Corporate-Consciousness was on the increase and that I and everyone who I knew were individual results of its brutal and often rampant methods of organised destruction.

At that stage of my life, my health was failing, but I wanted to be well, so I made a solemn pledge to myself and my family that I would do everything I could to find a way to escape from the depressing and harmful effects of my emotional or physical conditions.

It took a few years, but what I found was a revolutionary DIY Catalyst-of-Positive-Change Program, something so practical and easy to use that I couldn’t understand WHY it was not already a global mainstream life-enhancing education protocol for everybody.

I’ll admit it — I used to dream and talk about Happiness, Emotional Health, and better relationships so much that some of my close friends not only complained but were afraid that I had developed a form of Obsessive Chronic Delusional Behaviour (OCDB). And I was fearful that if I could not find a way to escape from my crappy emotional mind-prison and addictive behaviours I was going to have to wear a dreaded ‘Crap-Mask’ for the remainder of my life. Really! I was already wearing a ‘Dumb-Mask’ most of the time.

I had denied my emotional limitations for a while like most people do. I felt like I was being forced to look into a Crap-Mask to cure my OCD. I hated the thought of it. I hated the thought of more stress and pain, I thought I was doing quite fine with my regular Dumb-Mask. And also, I hated the thought of travelling through life with it (wearing a Crap-Mask to work and everywhere else was a severe buzz-kill). But I didn’t know of any alternative,………… until I began investigating new options.

Truth be told, I can be very stubborn. I put off doing anything about my toxic emotions and addictions for years. I figured it was no big deal. But when the ‘anxiety’ got too much, I finally relented and began doing more serious research. And that’s when an extraordinary passion embraced my life. Not only did all my fears disappear, I learned a lot about different types of mind-setting, but most importantly, I found a great solution that didn’t require any Mask, I found my ‘Unconditional Self’.

To start with, I learned that a Crap-Mask was a definite indicator of significant self-deception, which is well-known as a prime unconscious stress factor used in the production of various potentially harmful health events, such as:

•Addictions, Depression, Anxiety and Chronic Physical Pain.

•Frequent night-time urination

•Organ failure from toxic poisoning




•Heart attack and many other unpleasant life-shortening conditions.

After discovering this, I continued to research with more enthusiasm and found many authentic case studies, but the one in particular that changed everything was published by a Quality-of-Life Enhancement Agency (WARMICHAUSTRALIA.COM), which suggests that a simple harm-less mind-cleanse linked to a self-census-of-intent is a simple and highly effective way to minimise further suffering and prospects of premature death. Should I try it? Are you kidding?

A simple detox, I raced at the chance — I mean, WAM-BAM, SHICKITY-SAM! LIKE A CRACK OF THE WHIP, THAT WAS IT!!!— My diagnosis of ‘OCD’ instantly changed to Obsessive Chronic Enthusiasm (OCE), and now, I am emotionally empowered to run my life any way I want. I am now being my authentic self!

I’ve discovered that once you have become psychologically whole we are faced with a choice. This choice may be the very first time in a human life when we truly make a decision from our own mature self-initiated adult Selves who are entirely free of negative-emotional-response limitations. Once you are whole in the inner world of unity-consciousness, you begin to exist entirely in a natural stage of authenticity, compassion, and heart-felt awareness.

In conclusion, I must humbly say that my awesome re-birthed life is now gratefully attached to this engraved-in-stone statement:


Signed; Michelle Peters



Data-Transmission-Agency: ‘Flight-Extraordinaire 1991’


“Right now and forever more, I have declared that my sub-conscious mind’s driving ‘Action/Response-Programs’ do not contain any active formats of harmful intent!”

Becoming emotionally and physically independent from people-farming systems has never been so life re-vitalising simple.


♥♥♥ Know with absolute certainty, that your subconscious mind can show you the way to a non-resistant pain-free life of eternal adventure and relationship happiness!

♥♥♥  Avoid Big-Pharma, Big Sofia and Big Angry Dogs!

♥♥♥  Activate your Prime-Authentic-Quantum-Intent!

♥♥♥  Release yourself from harmful addictive mind-control programs!

♥♥♥ Enforce automatic self-protection from toxic mind/body poisoning!

♥♥♥ Revitalise healthy emotions!

♥♥♥  Attract fulfilling relationships!

♥♥♥ Permanently disable harmful stress-responses!

♥♥♥ Always be happy and adventurous!

♥♥♥  Show others how to find their happiness!

♥♥♥  Experience in all ways, the ultimate exotic pleasures of Unconditional Love!


To get free-access to this unlimited ‘Mother-load’ of real wealth is dependant on your possession of intent and how you implement precautionary action to avoid being farmed by global systems which manipulate human populations with toxic mind-control programming (Sorcery) and high-risk physical existence circumstances.
Our description of sorcery;

“The practice of manipulating people’s beliefs and emotional perceptions of circumstances without their previously authorised consent’. In other words, secretly and remotely controlling the circumstances of people’s beliefs and actions.”

“The sorcerer is also motivated by greed and a desire to gain and maintain prestige and status.”


As each citizen’s own evidence shows, we are being mind-controlled and physically and emotionally harmed by big-business organisations without our informed authorised consent. In other words, we are defaulted victim-slaves to ‘Placebo Programming’ and managed by cultural and multi-media induction systems.

A rapidly expanding New World collective of ordinary citizens have uncovered precisely how societies have been deceived and organised, but more importantly, why we have been fooled for so long.

Now that we have those step by step details of how our authentic identities have been captured at birth and engineered to suit elitist profiteering agendas, we can self-apply the simple practical mechanics of re-possessing and resetting our mind-programming according to personal preferences.


The More the NWO Pushes Their Dark Agenda, the More It Awakens People Worldwide

Signs that the Deep State Is Being Dismantled

Here is a well-informed holistic view of ‘BELIEF’, ‘FAITH’ and ‘SCIENCE’

There are more than a few problems with belief systems!

People have slaughtered each other in wars, inquisitions, and political actions for centuries and still kill each other over beliefs in religions, political ideologies, and philosophies. These belief-systems, when stated as propositions, may appear mystical, and genuine to the naive, but when confronted with a testable bases from reason and experiment, they fail miserably. It is now well-known that faiths (types of beliefs) and long-standing corporate cultures create far more personal and social problems than they solve and the consequential destruction and potential dangers from them is increasing.

As it happens, our beliefs come from implanted information, so throughout history, humankind has paid reverence to beliefs and mystical thinking. Organized religion has played the most significant role in the support and propagation of beliefs and faith. This has resulted in an acceptance of beliefs in general. Regardless of how one may reject religion, religious support of supernatural or un-provable events gives credence to other superstitions in general and the support of faith (belief without evidence), mysticism, and miracles. Most scientists, politicians, philosophers, and even atheists support the notion that some forms of belief provide a valuable means to establish ‘truth’ as long as it contains the backing of data and facts.

Belief has long become a socially acceptable form of thinking in science as well as religion. Indeed, once a proposition turns to belief, it automatically undermines opposition to itself. We have been warned that those who reject ‘The Unconditional Truth of Consciousness’ will end by drenching the earth in blood. But this represents a belief in-itself.

Our history has shown that the blood-letting has occurred mostly as a result of conditional religions or other belief-systems, not from the people who reject them.
However, does rational thinking require the adherence to beliefs at all? Does productive science, ethics, or a satisfied life require any attachment to a belief of any kind? Can we predict future events, act on data, theories, and facts without resorting to being possessed by belief? This document shows that, indeed, one need not conform to beliefs of any kind to establish scientific facts, observe and enjoy nature, or live a productive, moral, and useful life.


Legal definition of ‘consent’ includes ‘consent by default’ (Victim-by-Default), which in this case is allowing your mind and precious life to be used by corporate systems, regardless of any consequential negative effects, such as fearful ignorance and negative emotional responses, which are well-known by corporate media moguls to significantly contribute to all levels of toxic emotional conflict, ill-health and modern slavery.


Until quite recently, the practice of business orientated Witchcraft and Sorcery was illegal and forbidden, attracting severe penalties for convicted practitioners, but now, it appears that global Governments have granted themselves safe use of public sorcery through Legislation.


Short-list of individual benefits include:

1. Universally inclusive of all cultures, religions and societies.

2. Natural best-possible user-longevity potential.

3. Cost effective and easy to do. IT’S UNCONDITIONALLY FREE!

4. Disables corrupt intent.

5. Foundation for Sustainable Socioeconomic prosperity.

6. Creates relationship and natural health harmony.

7. Environmentally friendly.

8. A universal non-conflict way to love and be loved.

What an exciting adventure we are having, now that The Code of Corporate Ego’s Power over consciousness is freely available to everyone.


Awesome Real-life-benefits options exist for everyone who have:

1. A desire to always be a winner in a no-loser world.

2. A preference for relationship happiness.

3. Depression, addictions or toxicity related illness.

4. Any other reason for being a ‘WIN-WIN’ existence stakeholder.

“Energy flows where INtention goes!”


When we focus on what we do not want, we become resonant with the frequency of its reality and manifest it.
We know that whatever we dream about, or affirm the most, as if by magic, usually happens.


Throughout the history of mankind, the transition from childhood to adulthood — the “coming of age” of boys who become young men and girls who become young women — was a significant stepping stone in everyone’s life, when the average age at which it happened, and how children evolved through adolescence and adult life, depended entirely on their individual mental and physical circumstances within the environmental context of where they lived and what culture/s they were programmed with.

To a large extent, very different conditions exist today, where traditional timeless rites of passage have been forcibly removed by corporate cultures, preventing majorities of men and women from becoming initiated into a natural universal ‘Singularity System’ of social and economic freedom and relationship harmony.
Across time and place, cultures have inherently understood that without clear markers on the journey through life, males and females often have a difficult time making the transition to self-empowered existence and can be mind-trapped in a number of high risk categories of ‘farmed’ human resources.

THE WAY IT IS RIGHT NOW (Corporate Gang Law)

We (ie., ‘The whole of Humanity’) are currently controlled and managed by corrupt law-systems where today’s corporate child-to-adult Rites-of-Passage initiations include being ‘legally’ possessed at birth, fooled by belief-systems and farmed by corporate gangs.
That may be so, but out of the ashes of our past, through a universal metaphysical dream-state of Nature’s clarity has come a simply awesome and uniquely natural way to avoid high-risk potential of being damaged by harmful mind-control programs and multi-media propaganda seeding systems.

With that said, it’s important never to forget that everything we do depends entirely upon ‘Intent’!


“A sizable body of research exploring the nature of consciousness, carried on for more than thirty years in prestigious scientific institutions around the world, shows that thoughts are capable of affecting everything from the simplest machines to the most complex living beings. This evidence suggests that human thoughts and intentions are an actual physical “something” with astonishing power to change our world. Every thought we have is tangible energy with the power to transform. A thought is not only a thing; a thought is a thing that influences other things.

It’s been well documented that directed thoughts can affect a person’s own body in numerous ways. But did you know that thoughts have been shown to alter some biological processes in another person including gross motor movements, and those of the heart, eyes, brain and respiratory system? Researchers have demonstrated that human intention can effect a variety of other living systems such as bacteria, mice, cats and dogs and even the direction in which fish swim.

Quantum physics has proven that living things are constant transmitters and receivers of measurable energy. Thoughts are bundles of electromagnetic energy, and new models of consciousness depict it as being able to move beyond physical boundaries like energy.

“Intention appears to be something akin to a tuning fork, causing the tuning forks of other things in the universe to resonate at the same frequency”


“If you have a plan and you consistently work the plan every day, you will succeed. It never fails.”

Become A Deliberate Creator and choose a virtual reality which suits YOU!


The universe that you see around you was not created without order, but it’s a creation of specific intent or deliberate intent on the part of the body of conscious energy that you essentially are. Matter cannot take shape in the absence of an organized intent for the creation of that matter.

‘Existence Stakeholder’ in the context of this site, refers to every breathing human’s option to re-claim their birth-given prime intent as a critical action to allow for best-possible health, happiness, and longevity.

There are thousands of years of factual evidence which clearly demonstrates that all human experiences come from metaphysical (unconditionally true) origins via emotional ego-mind-visualisation into physical form or ‘real’ experience.

To whet your appetite for the following guided adventure into the dream-world of infinite creation, let’s just have a quick glimpse at what many qualified metaphysics writers say about ‘How to use The Law of Attraction’.

We know that whatever we give attention to, we attract! But we also know about how global big-business profit-driven human farming organisations already control our sub-conscious minds through multi-media and suggestive marketing. This means that we mostly do what ‘they’ have programmed us to do.

The A to Z of Mind Power

♥♥♥ Awareness: Awareness allows you to choose your life rather than have it chosen for you. It is to live consciously. Be aware and change those thoughts, words and actions that do not serve you with sustainable well-being.

♥♥♥ Balance: Seek balance in all that you think, say and do. All power resides in the centre point of the extremes. To be out of balance is to be out of control. Live by the maxim “nothing in excess”.

♥♥♥ Consciousness: Consciousness is the essence of your mind. Endeavour to make your subconscious mind the follower, your conscious mind the leader and your higher consciousness the ruler.

♥♥♥ Detachment: Attachment breeds panic, fear and uncertainty which detachment transforms into peace of mind, certainty and empowerment. The route to effortless detachment is faith.

♥♥♥ Energy: All is energy. Mind is potential energy, matter is material energy and thought is the power that transmutes mind into matter. This physical transmutation of energy is subject to time.

♥♥♥ Faith: Faith is the evidence of things not seen. Have faith in the physical manifestation of your intention. Know that it already exists in the mental realm from which all things manifest.

♥♥♥ Gratitude: Gratitude is an attitude of grace. Be grateful for everything you have, irrespective of whether or not it has physically materialised yet. Believe that you have received and you shall.

♥♥♥ Harmony: Seek harmony not happiness for your life. The route to harmony is through Balance and Love in thought, word and deed. To be in harmony is to be in agreement with God.

♥♥♥ Illusion: In the words of Albert Einstein, “reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one”. Do not take this to mean that nothing is real but rather, that you can change anything with active Intent.

♥♥♥ Journey: Life is a journey. Endeavour to make your journey one of greater awareness, personal growth and the application of Knowledge; not a race in pursuit of some elusive prize of happiness.

♥♥♥ Knowledge: Know thyself and thou shall know all the mysteries of the universe. Knowledge alone, though, is powerless in its abstract state. Application is the key that unlocks its power.

♥♥♥ Love: TRUE Love is the greatest force in the Universe. It is what underlies all creation. It does not discriminate between what is loved and what is not loved. TRUE love has no opposite.

♥♥♥ Mind: Mind is the single cause behind every effect. Mind power is not something you need to acquire; you already possess it. Your task is to become conscious of it and learn to apply it.

♥♥♥ Now: Linear time is an illusion of our three-dimensional world. All possible past, present and future moments already exist in the eternal NOW. You can access any NOW moment you choose.

♥♥♥ Opposites: Whatever you experience is relative and comes with the potential of its opposite. Opposites are varying degrees of the same thing. You cannot know joy without having known sorrow.

♥♥♥ Physical: Your physical world is the medium through which you experience life as a physical being. Everything in your physical realm is but a reflection of your mental and spiritual realms.

♥♥♥ Quantum: Quantum physics unavoidably concludes that Consciousness creates through observation.

♥♥♥ Reality: The true nature of reality goes far beyond that which you experience with your five physical senses. Open your mind to creating your reality. Your reality is subject to your thoughts.

♥♥♥ Spiritual: The spiritual realm is the seat of your loftiest virtues. It is the source of your intuition that is your inner-teacher. The door to this realm is silence. Meditate in silence every day. Be still and know.

♥♥♥ Thought: Everything you perceive in the physical world has its origin in the invisible, inner world of your thoughts. To master your thoughts is to create your reality with exact precision.

♥♥♥ Universal Mind: The nature of the One Universal Mind, of which you are a part, is Omniscience (all-knowing), Omnipotence (all-powerful) and Omnipresence (all-present). This too is your true nature.

♥♥♥ Vibration: Everything, including your thoughts, is energy vibrating at varying frequencies. You attract to yourself the matching vibrations of your habitual thoughts.

♥♥♥ Will: Self-Initiated-Will gives you the power to consciously choose the life you want to experience. It is what sets you apart from the plant and mineral kingdoms and highest in the animal kingdom.

♥♥♥ X-factor: The X-factor of success is not reserved for the lucky few. The latent potential for unlimited success is within you. Create your own success blueprint and pursue it with persistence.

♥♥♥ You: The real You is a spiritual being having a human experience. The real You is beyond your body. In the words of C.S. Lewis, “You don’t have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body”.

♥♥♥ Zzzzzz: Direct your life, resist nothing, be balanced and know that all is possible.


To the average Jo Blow or Jill Smith, N.L.P. (Natural Language Processing) probably means less than Jack Schitt, but as our old and out of date 3D ways of experiencing life collapse around us, this extraordinary natural mind-technology is set to become Humanity’s most valuable health and safety tool.

♥♥♥ N.L.P. is a universal language system, commonly known as Natural Linguistic Processing which can be easily understood and the following word descriptions may produce extraordinary benefits for the non-initiated, as it does for its regular users.

♥♥♥ Natural or Neural: The concept that most forms of human behaviour stems from learned childhood action/response training, in other words, it has its origins in cultural/business education. Simple examples of links between trained emotional-response programming and physical changes include butterflies in the stomach when we feel nervous or going red with embarrassment, even when the situation may be an artificially created Placebo effect.

♥♥♥ Linguistic: (Language) To make rational sense of information and communicate with others, we use different forms of language to transfer meaning and negotiate results.

♥♥♥ Programming: Patterns of how we are trained to organise ideas and actions. Once a pattern is learned, the brain will continue to use it until some different pattern is learned.



Given that most adult humans primarily exist as emotionally reactive individuals who respond to life’s circumstances according to how their minds were trained during their first few years as children, to discover how we can become whole healthy creative beings able to experience relationship harmony and good nutritional health, we are more than likely to require a few qualified tips on how to self-initiate our minds to the workings of universal awareness, so that easy emotional detachment from harmful energies such as addictions and toxic mind and body poisoning becomes the best available option.

No matter what our circumstances are, the following unconditional information provides us with the practical means to help ourselves with a safe and happy mind-transition to unity-awareness and a much better World experience.


Access to the freedom of natural health and relationship prosperity begins with no more than a basic D.I.Y. ‘Census of Unconscious (sub-conscious) Intent’, combined with a powerful life-enhancing affirmation.

SELF RE-CREATING AFFIRMATIONS: (Personal Commitment to Self as an Existence Stakeholder)

Affirmations are statements to yourself, which confirm to your sub-conscious mind how you want to experience the circumstances of life.

And when you think about how words are used to control and manipulate automated reactions, it becomes impossible to deny that all human minds have been captured and hypnotised by corporate systems in order to maintain their agendas. When words or circumstances can cause you to react in negative ways, you are mind-trapped and at constant risk of being harmed or causing harm to other mind-trapped victims. To be free, you must grant your Inner-Self permission. But if your mind is trained to resist and reject the concept of mind-freedom, the use of powerful natural affirmations can evoke a passionate inner-self’s ability to grant permission.


“Right now and forever more, I have declared that my sub-conscious mind’s driving ‘Action/Response-Programs’ do not contain any active formats of harmful intent!”

How do we use this super-powerful ELIXIR OF LIFE?

First of all, give yourself permission to receive unconditional love from anywhere. Then, if you really want to get the best possible experience from the remainder of your life, simply affirm and re-affirm the above affirmation with the type-of-Intent that you have chosen to support the quality of life that you really want. Mentally consume the affirmation daily for at least one month. Don’t just read it over and over, feed it to yourself with meaningful passion. The more you share your experience with others, the more they affirm it back to you.

DREAM (visualize!) and BE (actualized!)



You might say this game-plan sounds too hard, too simple, too healthy or too scary or just not appropriate because you have a better game-plan. Maybe you are still afraid and simply feel forced to remain emotionally imprisoned and hypnotically constrained by corporate extensions of opinion and attitude. Naturally preventable suffering at the hands of often-brutal people farming systems has never been a reasonable alternative to Nature’s health and safety security systems.



Ultimately, to experience better health and relationship harmony, we initially have to want the World to be a better place for all existence stakeholders to experience the wonders of life. Or, we simply just continue to allow destructive elitist systems sacrifice our lives and the lives of our children without using any sort of practical preventative action. It’s either ‘unconditional surrender to The Source of All Energy and its Supreme Natural Law System’, or continue to being wasted in fearfully torturous and horrifying manners!


From the moment our senses first register the presence of our parents we are being shown the way that life apparently is. Through no fault of ours or theirs, our parents begin the programming process as their views of life, shaped by their education, employment and the media are imposed on us. Formal education through schools, colleges and universities continues the systematic indoctrination where the ‘correct’ views and interpretations of science, history and society result in exam passes and the ability to ‘get on’ in life. Alternative views and the rejection of establishment education lead to supposedly lesser jobs and a struggle against economic poverty. Our entire understanding of the world and current affairs is filtered through the mass media, interpreted by journalists and self-called experts. Their views become our views simply because we are not offered any alternatives. To overcome daily problems within society we turn to elected representatives of our community. We give our decision-making abilities to these few people who are increasingly remote, as local council power is removed to national government and ever more to Europe.

Our experience of life is determined by the framework around our society. The basic premise is that the goal of each individual should be to become a minute part in the global machine of consumerism led by Western multinational corporations and banks. Every other consideration is subordinate to the prime motivation of profit. Obviously, those in the positions of influence – politicians, bankers, corporate executives, media moguls – have been, according to their own definition, ‘successful’ within the System, so have an interest in maintaining the status quo at all costs. This framework shapes every aspect of our life through education, the media, health care, cultural and sporting events, religion etc.

With these framed conditions in place, the System regulates itself: individuals with attitudes that suit the perpetuation of the System achieve status and influence within it; those who accept the establishment rules soon find ways to impose those rules; those who are blind to the exploitative realities of consumerism attain positions to promote it. Regardless of how the framework came to be imposed, the truth is that the same attitudes control education, media, governments and banks and therefore exert an irrepressible influence over every aspect of our lives, our thoughts and opinions.
The vast majority of the world’s human population are trained to follow others and conform to designated governing policies . Whatever is broadcast in the media as being desirable to the masses suddenly and miraculously becomes desired by the masses.

Whatever our neighbour owns or achieves becomes the object of great envy and we lust to acquire what we believe to be ours by right. So, when we are shown a solution to a problem, any old solution to anything which interferes with our need to follow the latest trends, we accept it without question. Problems abound and so do solutions; but it is the easiest and most profitable option which is seized by the majority. And just like mobs of sheep who follow without question, we are directed and often pushed into states of confinement at ‘the shepherds’ convenience until it is time for the final sacrifice, once again without hesitation and happy that we are with the ‘in-crowd’, passing through the gates of corporate slaughterhouses.

Ending the Contract System

Human Enslavement Systems are to manipulate people’s ‘beliefs’ and circumstances to get their defaulted agreement to be mind-controlled consumers. This can be easily seen with mass media manipulations, however there is a deeper and more important layer to this, which includes all the contracts that have been signed over the many thousands of years.


Mind Control: It’s Happening to You Right Now

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Have a close look at this snippet of valuable information, simply because it’s more useful life-important stuff. It’s about how emotionally laced thoughts and feelings can change anyone’s physiology, such as; pain, sickness and depression or more importantly, a continuous sense of happiness and well-being. So, it stands with good reason that treating physical and mental disorders with toxic chemicals would be interfering with relative species genetics and Nature’s healing powers. Globally, every year, death by ‘LEGAL’ toxic chemicals and harmful mass mind-control tops all statistical lists of preventable causes.





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